Scent and More - Sold me the wrong product and wouldn't refund my money

Woodbridge, Virginia 0 comments
Not resolved

Scent & More, a kiosk in Columbia Mall that sells perfumes and colognes, sold me a product that I didn't ask for and then wouldn't give me a refund when I tried to return the cologne.The product was in its unopened, original packaging and I had a receipt.

I immediately went back to them the very next day to alert them of the mistake. They not only wouldn't refund me the money, but secretly traded out the product which was a eau de parfum for an eau de toilette. The purchase was a gift for my husband for our wedding anniversary, and I was so devastated. I can't believe that this retailer is so dishonest and is allowed to stay in business.

I have never encountered any problems with a retailer like this before.I will never shop there again.

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